SKU 110260009
EU Energy Efficiency Label A
Dimensions 15 X 10 X 3cm

This Solar Stair Wall Step LED Light require no wiring as they charge through the daytime from the sun’s rays (they require a sunny position, although will gain some charge on an overcast day). Solar lights generally come on automatically at dusk. Solar lighting is ideal for marking pathways and garden features with a gentle glowing light. It also handily has an on/off switch.
The solar light can now be switched on. Place in a sunny postion to enable maximum charge throughout the day. First use,pls switch it on and put it under strong sunlight,charge it fully. As night coming,the light will light-up automatically.
Note: Only for decorative,do not provide bright surrounding light.
Material:Plastic and Stainless
No wiring
Easy installation
Eco friendly, no electricity bills
CE approved
Suitable for pathway, staircase, step, garden, yard, wall, drive way