SKU 11028003401
Weight (kg) 0.0650
Model E27 to E40
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 8cm

This is E27 to E40 Light Lamp Bulb Adapter Converter, a lamp base converter of light bulb with E40 base to adapt an E27 fitting socket, it is suitable for LED, halogen, filament or CFL light bulb. The light bulb adapter converter is easy and convenient for you to install and use for its practical and useful design, it will bring great convenience to your daily life.

Items are made of High temperature resistant ABS/Ceramic meterial. All items below meet European electrical regulations and have CE certification.


E27 to E40 light lamp bulbs adapter converter
A lamp adapter for LED, halogen, CFL light bulb
Suitable for many types of working voltage
Produce less heat, safely coefficient is high
Long operation life and energy efficiency
Material:High temperature resistant ABS meterial