SKU 11012007908
Weight (kg) 0.0550
LED RGB Color Red
Wattage 1W
Voltage AC 100V-240V
Bulb LEDs 20 SMD LEDs
Bulb Diameter 45mm
Bulb Length 72mm
Luminous Flux 100lm
Beam Angle 360°
EU Energy Efficiency Label A
Average Life 20,000hours
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 7cm

This LED light bulb is built in constant current power supply drive, which guarantees this light bulb will last much much longer than other cheap LED light bulbs.

These LED bulbs are manufactured to the highest possible standards making them an ideal bulb for replacing old halogen lamps. The bulbs use high quality SMD LED chips which emit a great output of light as well as being very reliable. The bulbs are ideal for Landscape scene, Spot lighting , Architectural lighting , Entertainment lighting, Restaurant, Hotels, Ambient lighting, Art galleries, etc.

The durable LED light bulb is safe, effective and simple. The LED light bulbs has long service life, and will result in money saved by lowered utility costs. With high quality, energy saving, high efficiency, long service life, the durable LED light bulbs is your best choice. The durable LED light bulb is great for landscape scene, spot lighting, architectural lighting, display scene, artwork lighting, mood lighting and so on.